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Joaquin Phoenix


Хоаки́н Рафаэ́ль Фе́никс (англ. Joaquin Raphael Phoenix, МФА: [hwɑːˈkiːn ˈfiːnɪks]; род. 28 октября 1974) — американский киноактёр, известность которому принесли фильмы «Знаки» и «Переступить черту» (роль Джонни Кэша). «Гладиатор» (роль Коммода).

Joaquin Rafael Phoenix (pronounced /hwɑːˈkiːn ˈfiːnɪks/; born October 28, 1974), formerly credited as Leaf Phoenix, is a film actor. He was born in San Juan, Puerto Rico, and his family returned to the continental United States four years later. Phoenix is from a family of performers, including his older brother, the late River Phoenix.

Phoenix has ventured behind the camera, directing music videos as well as producing movies and television shows, and has recorded an album, the soundtrack to Walk the Line. He is also known for his work as a social activist, particularly as an advocate for animal rights. On October 27, 2008, he announced his retirement from film in order to focus on his rap music career,[1][2] however, the announcement turned out to be part of Phoenix's acting role in a mockumentary directed by Casey Affleck, I'm Still Here.[3]

1974 -
  Walk the Line Пройти по грани 2005
  Buffalo Soldiers Солдаты Буффало 2001
  Signs Знаки 2002
  Gladiator Гладиатор 2000
  Hotel Rwanda Отель Руанда 2004
  Ladder 49 Команда 49: Огненная лестница 2004
  Parenthood Родители 1989
IMDB > 7      
  Quills Перо Маркиза де Сада 2000
  We Own the Night Хозяева ночи 2007
  Two Lovers   2008