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Vinnie Jones


Винсент Питер Джонс (англ. Vincent Peter Jones; родился 5 января 1965 года в Уотфорде) — бывший английский футболист (однако выступал за сборную Уэльса), ставший после завершения спортивной карьеры актёром,

Vincent Peter "Vinnie" Jones (born 5 January 1965) is a retired English footballer who is now a film actor.

Jones represented and captained the Welsh national football team, having qualified via a Welsh grandparent. He also previously played for Chelsea and Leeds United. As a member of the "Crazy Gang", Jones won the 1988 FA Cup Final with Wimbledon.

He has capitalised on his tough man image as a footballer and is known as an actor for his aggressive style and intimidating demeanour, often being typecast into roles as coaches, hooligans and violent criminals.

1965 -
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