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Liev Schreiber


Айзек Лев Шрайбер (англ. Isaac Liev Schreiber, более известен как Лев Шрайбер (также встречается неправильная[1][2] транскрипция Лив Шрайбер), род. 4 октября 1967, Сан-Франциско, США) — американский театральный и киноактёр. Лауреат премии «Тони». Известен по ряду независимых фильмов и нескольким блокбастерам, включая трилогию Уэса Крэйвена «Крик».

Isaac Liev Schreiber[1] (born October 4, 1967), commonly known as Liev Schreiber, is an American actor, producer, director, and screenwriter. He became known during the late 1990s and early 2000s, having initially appeared in several independent films, and later mainstream Hollywood films, including the Scream trilogy of horror films, Defiance, X-Men Origins: Wolverine, and Salt. Schreiber is also a respected stage actor, having performed in several Broadway productions. In 2005, Schreiber won a Tony Award for his performance in the play Glengarry Glen Ross. That year, Schreiber also made his debut as a film director and writer with Everything Is Illuminated, based on the novel of the same name.

Schreiber is in a relationship with Naomi Watts, with whom he has two children.

1967 -
  Scream   1996
  Scream 2   1997
  Scream 3   2000
  Phantoms   1998
  The Omen   2006
  Hitler: The Rise of Evil   2003
  Defiance   2008
  Ransom   1996
  X-Men Origins: Wolverine   2009
  The Manchurian Candidate   2004
  Kate & Leopold   2001
  The Painted Veil   2006
IMDB > 7      
  Big Night   1996
  The Hurricane   1999
  Spring Forward   1999
  RKO 281   1999
  Lackawanna Blues   2005
> 6      
  Buffalo Girls   1995
  Denise Calls Up   1995
  Party Girl   1995
  The Daytrippers   1996
  Walking and Talking   1996
  Desert Blue   1998
  A Walk on the Moon   1999
  Jakob the Liar   1999
  The Sum of All Fears   2002
  Spinning Boris   2003
  Hamlet   2000
  Love in the Time of Cholera   2007
  Taking Woodstock   2009
  Repo Men   2010
  Twilight   1998
  Salt   2010
> 5      
  His and Hers   1997
  Sphere   1998
  Since You've Been Gone   1998
  The Ten   2007
  The Sunshine Boys   1996
  Every Day   2010