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Christopher Walken


Кри́стофер Уо́кен (англ. Christopher Walken, род. 31 марта 1943) — один из самых активных голливудских актёров своего поколения, который, по собственному признанию, практически никогда не отвергает предлагаемых ему ролей, рассматривая каждую из них как новый опыт. В течение последних десятилетий, он снимается примерно в пяти фильмах ежегодно. Фильмы с его участием собрали в североамериканском прокате более 1,8 миллиарда долларов.

Christopher Walken (pronounced /ˈwɔːkən/; born March 31, 1943) is an American stage and screen actor.[1] He has appeared in more than 100 movies and television shows, including Annie Hall, The Deer Hunter, The Prophecy, The Dogs of War, Sleepy Hollow, Brainstorm, The Dead Zone, A View to a Kill, At Close Range, King of New York, True Romance, Catch Me If You Can, Pulp Fiction, and Hairspray as well as music videos by recording artists such as Madonna, Journey and Fatboy Slim.

Walken's films grossed more than $1.8 billion in the United States.[2] He has also played the main role in the Shakespeare plays Hamlet, Macbeth, Romeo and Juliet, and Coriolanus. He is also a popular guest-host of Saturday Night Live, having hosted 7 times as of April 2008. His most notable role on the show was record producer Bruce Dickinson in the "More Cowbell" sketch.

Walken debuted as a film director and script writer with the short film "Popcorn Shrimp" in 2001. He also wrote and acted the main role in a play about Elvis Presley titled Him in 1995.[3]

1943 -
  The Deer Hunter   1978
  The Dead Zone   1983
  Sleepy Hollow   1999
  Blast from the Past   1999
  Click   2006
  Pulp Fiction   1994
  Wedding Crashers   2005
  Balls of Fury   2007
  Poolhall Junkies   2002
  The Rundown   2003
  Batman Returns   1992
  Man on Fire   2004
  Catch Me If You Can   2002
  Julius Caesar   2002
  Suicide Kings   1997
  Mousehunt   1997
  Domino   2005
IMDB > 7      
  Annie Hall   1977
  True Romance   1993
  Hairspray   2007
  Sarah, Plain and Tall   1991
  Kill the Irishman   2011
> 6      
  Next Stop, Greenwich Village   1976
  The Anderson Tapes   1971
  The Sentinel   1977
  Illuminata   1998
  Pennies from Heaven   1981
  Last Embrace   1979
  Heaven's Gate   1980
  Brainstorm   1983
  The Dogs of War   1980
  King of New York   1990
  The Comfort of Strangers   1990
  Vendetta   1999
  Plots with a View   2002
  Scotland, Pa.   2001
  The Affair of the Necklace   2001
  Romance & Cigarettes   2005
  Around the Bend   2004
  $5 a Day   2008
  Man of the Year   2006
  Last Man Standing   1996
  Things to Do in Denver When You're Dead   1995
  Basquiat   1996
  A View to a Kill   1985
  Nick of Time   1995
  At Close Range   1986
  The Milagro Beanfield War   1988
  The Funeral   1996
  The Prophecy   1995
  Biloxi Blues   1988
  The Addiction   1995
  Puss in Boots   1988
  The Maiden Heist   2009
> 5      
  Homeboy   1988
  Communion   1989
  Mistress   1992
  Wayne's World 2   1993
  Wild Side   1995
  Search and Destroy   1995
  Touch   1997
  The Prophecy II   1998
  The Prophecy 3: The Ascent   2000
  The Opportunists   2000
  Joe Dirt   2001
  The Stepford Wives   2004
  America's Sweethearts   2001