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Malcolm McDowell


Ма́лкольм Макда́уэлл (англ. Malcolm McDowell; имя при рождении — Малкольм Джон Тейлор (англ. Malcolm John Taylor), Макдауэлл — девичья фамилия его матери; род. 13 июня 1943 года в Лидсе[1], Великобритания) — английский актёр театра и кино. Наиболее известные роли — в фильмах «Заводной апельсин» (1971) Стэнли Кубрика и «Калигула» (1979) .

Malcolm McDowell (born 13 June 1943) is an English actor with a career spanning over forty years.

McDowell is principally known for his roles in the controversial films Caligula, If...., O Lucky Man! and A Clockwork Orange. His versatility as an actor has led to his presence in many films and television series of different genres, including Tank Girl, Star Trek Generations, the TV serial Our Friends in the North, Entourage, Heroes, Metalocalypse, animated film Bolt and the 2007 remake of Halloween and the 2009 sequel Halloween II. He is also well known for his narration of the seminal 1982 documentary, The Compleat Beatles.

1943 -
  Halloween   2007
  Blue Thunder   1983
  Doomsday   2008
  My Life So Far   1999
  Class of 1999   1990
  Cat People   1982
  The Book of Eli   2010
IMDB > 7      
  Time After Time   1979
  A Clockwork Orange   1971
  O Lucky Man!   1973
  If....   1968
  Easy A   2010
> 6      
  The Company   2003
  Aces High   1976
  Royal Flash   1975
  Voyage of the Damned   1976
  Hidalgo   2004
  Gangster No. 1   2000
  Evilenko   2004
  Bobby Jones: Stroke of Genius   2004
  Between Strangers   2002
  Coco Chanel   2008
  Bopha!   1993
  Star Trek: Generations   1994
  Cross Creek   1983
  Barry Munday   2010
> 5      
  Britannia Hospital   1982
  Milk Money   1994
  Sunset   1988
  Princess of Thieves   2001
  I Spy   2002
  Just Visiting   2001
  The Barber   2002
  Hugo Pool   1997
  I'll Sleep When I'm Dead   2003
  Suck   2009