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Michael Ironside


Майкл Айронсайд (англ. Michael Ironside) — канадский киноактёр, родился 12 февраля 1950 в Торонто.

Michael Ironside (born February 12, 1950) is a Canadian actor. He has also worked as a voice actor, producer, film director, and screenwriter in movie and television series in various Canadian and American works. He is best known for playing villains and "tough guy" heroes, though he has also portrayed sympathetic characters. Ironside is a method actor, who stays in character between takes.

1950 -
  Scanners   1981
  Top Gun   1986
  Total Recall   1990
  Free Willy   1993
  Major Payne   1995
  Starship Troopers   1997
  The Perfect Storm   2000
  Highlander II: The Quickening   1991
  Ford: The Man and the Machine   1987
  Terminator Salvation   2009
IMDB > 7      
  Outrageous!   1977
  The Machinist   2004
  X-Men: First Class   2011
> 6      
  Chicago Cab   1997
  Desert Blue   1998
  The Glass Shield   1994
  Extreme Prejudice   1987
  The Falcon and the Snowman   1985
  Surveillance   2008
> 5      
  Jo Jo Dancer, Your Life Is Calling   1986
  Hello Mary Lou: Prom Night II   1987
  Crime and Punishment in Suburbia   2000
  Guncrazy   1992
  Soulkeeper   2001
  Reeker   2005
  Deepwater   2005
  Guy X   2005
  The Alphabet Killer   2008
  The Bannen Way   2010