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Greg Kinnear


Грэг Киннер (англ. Greg Kinnear, род. 17 июня 1963) — американский актёр кино и телевидения, номинант на премию «Оскар» 1998-го года за лучшую мужскую роль второго плана («Лучше не бывает»).

Gregory "Greg" Kinnear (born June 17, 1963) is an American actor and television personality, who first rose to stardom as the first host of E!'s Talk Soup. He has appeared in over 20 motion pictures. Kinnear was nominated for an Academy Award for his role in As Good as It Gets.

1963 -
  As Good as It Gets   1997
  Unknown   2006
  Fast Food Nation   2006
IMDB > 7      
  Ghost Town   2008
  Little Miss Sunshine   2006
  We Were Soldiers   2002
  Invincible   2006
  Green Zone   2010
> 6      
  Sabrina   1995
  Nurse Betty   2000
  Dinner with Friends   2001
  Feast of Love   2007
  The Matador   2005
  The Gift   2000
  That's What I Am   2011
  You've Got Mail   1998
  Baby Mama   2008
  Auto Focus   2002
  Flash of Genius   2008
> 5      
  Loser   2000
  Mystery Men   1999
  What Planet Are You From?   2000
  Someone Like You...   2001
  Stuck on You   2003
  Bad News Bears   2005