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Henry Fonda


Генри Джейнс Фонда (англ. Henry Jaynes Fonda; 16 мая 1905 — 12 августа 1982) — американский актёр театра и кино, лауреат премии «Оскар», отец актёров Питера и Джейн Фонда.

Фонда стал известен как актёр Бродвея. Его дебют в Голливуде состоялся в 1935 году. Карьера резко пошла в гору после получения номинации на премию Оскар в 1940 году за роль Тома Джоада в фильме «Гроздья гнева», поставленном по одноимённому роману Джона Стейнбека о фермерской семье из Оклахомы, которая во времена Великой Депрессии в поисках лучший жизни переезжает на Запад, попадая в Пыльный котёл.


Henry Jaynes Fonda (May 16, 1905 – August 12, 1982) was an American film and stage actor.[1]

Fonda made his mark early as a Broadway actor. He also appeared in 1938 in plays performed in White Plains, New York, with Joan Tompkins.[2] He made his Hollywood debut in 1935, and his career gained momentum after his Academy Award-nominated performance as Tom Joad in The Grapes of Wrath, a 1940 adaptation of John Steinbeck's novel about an Oklahoma family who moved west during the Dust Bowl. Throughout six decades in Hollywood, Fonda cultivated a strong, appealing screen image in such classics as The Ox-Bow Incident, Mister Roberts and 12 Angry Men. Later, Fonda moved both toward darker epics as Sergio Leone's Once Upon a Time in the West (portraying a villain who kills, among others, a child) and lighter roles in family comedies like Yours, Mine and Ours with Lucille Ball.

( 1905 - 1982 )
IMDB > 7      
  Summer Solstice   1981
  C'era una volta il West   1968
  Jezebel   1938
  The Boston Strangler   1968
  The Best Man   1964
  Fail-Safe   1964
  A Big Hand for the Little Lady   1966
  12 Angry Men   1957
  The Wrong Man   1956
  Warlock   1959
  In Harm's Way   1965
  The Ox-Bow Incident   1943
  There Was a Crooked Man...   1970
  My Darling Clementine   1946
  Mister Roberts   1955
  The Tin Star   1957
  Advise & Consent   1962
  Tales of Manhattan   1942
  The Longest Day   1962
  Fort Apache   1948
  The Grapes of Wrath   1940
  Drums Along the Mohawk   1939
  Jesse James   1939
  You Only Live Once   1937
  Il mio nome è Nessuno   1973
  Young Mr. Lincoln   1939
  The Lady Eve   1941
  On Golden Pond   1981
> 6      
  The Trail of the Lonesome Pine   1936
  That Certain Woman   1937
  Wings of the Morning   1937
  Slim   1937
  The Male Animal   1942
  Let Us Live   1939
  Spawn of the North   1938
  The Mad Miss Manton   1938
  The Story of Alexander Graham Bell   1939
  Rings on Her Fingers   1942
  The Magnificent Dope   1942
  The Return of Frank James   1940
  Lillian Russell   1940
  Stage Struck   1958
  How the West Was Won   1962
  War and Peace   1956
  Chad Hanna   1940
  Immortal Sergeant   1943
  The Big Street   1942
  Jigsaw   1949
  Spencer's Mountain   1963
  Battle of the Bulge   1965
  Sex and the Single Girl   1964
  The Rounders   1965
  Welcome to Hard Times   1967
  Stranger on the Run   1967
  Firecreek   1968
  Madigan   1968
  Too Late the Hero   1970
  Yours, Mine and Ours   1968
  The Fugitive   1947
  The Long Night   1947
  The Cheyenne Social Club   1970
  The Farmer Takes a Wife   1935
  Daisy Kenyon   1947
  Sometimes a Great Notion   1970
  Le serpent   1973
  Rollercoaster   1977
  Midway   1976
  Mussolini: Ultimo atto   1974
> 5      
  Blockade   1938
  You Belong to Me   1941
  On Our Merry Way   1948
  I Dream Too Much   1935
  The Last of the Cowboys   1977
  Wanda Nevada   1979