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Rupert Everett


Руперт Джеймс Гектор Эверетт (англ. Rupert James Hector Everett; 29 мая 1959, Норфолк) — британский киноактер, дважды номинировался на «Золотой глобус», открытый гей [1]. Известен в России в том числе благодаря роли Григория Мелехова в телесериале «Тихий Дон» (1992) Бондарчука.

Rupert James Hector Everett (born 29 May 1959, UK: /ˈruːpət ˈevərɪt/) is an English actor. He first came to public attention in 1981, when he was cast in Julian Mitchell's play and subsequent film Another Country as an openly gay student at an English public school, set in the 1930s. He has since appeared in many other films including My Best Friend's Wedding, An Ideal Husband, The Next Best Thing and the Shrek sequels.

1959 -
  Shakespeare in Love   1998
  To Kill a King   2003
  Stardust   2007
IMDB > 7      
  The Madness of King George   1994
  Black Mirror   2011
  Mr. Ambassador   2003
  Dellamorte Dellamore   1994
  Stage Beauty   2004
> 6      
  Another Country   1984
  The Far Pavilions   1984
  An Ideal Husband   1999
  Dance with a Stranger   1985
  Duet for One   1986
  Cronaca di una morte annunciata   1987
  Gli occhiali d'oro   1987
  Tolérance   1989
  A Midsummer Night's Dream   1999
  The Comfort of Strangers   1990
  The Importance of Being Earnest   2002
  Strelyayushchiye angely   1994
  Remembrance of Things Fast: True Stories Visual Lies   1994
  Unconditional Love   2002
  Hysteria   2011
  Wild Target   2010
  "Les liaisons dangereuses"   2003
  Sherlock Holmes and the Case of the Silk Stocking   2004
  Princess Daisy   1983
  My Best Friend's Wedding   1997
  Separate Lies   2005
> 5      
  Quiet Flows the Don   2006
  B. Monkey   1998
  Real Life   1984
  St Trinian's 2: The Legend of Fritton's Gold   2009
  St. Trinian's   2007