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Brendan Fraser


Брендан Фрейзер (англ. Brendan James Fraser, род. 3 декабря 1968, Индианаполис, Индиана) — американско-канадский актёр.

Brendan James Fraser[1] (born December 3, 1968) is a Canadian-American[2][3] actor of stage and screen. He has starred in many major Hollywood films, including The Mummy film series, Crash, Dudley Do-Right, Looney Tunes: Back in Action, George of the Jungle, Journey to the Center of the Earth and Encino Man.

1968 -
  The Mummy   1999
  Blast from the Past   1999
  Crash   2004
  The Mummy Returns   2001
  The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor   2008
  Twenty Bucks   1993
  Inkheart   2008
  G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra   2009
IMDB >7      
  Gods and Monsters   1998
  The Quiet American   2002
  Dogfight   1991
  The Air I Breathe   2007
> 6      
  Still Breathing   1997
  Now and Then   1995
  School Ties   1992
  Kids in the Hall: Brain Candy   1996
  With Honors   1994
  The Twilight of the Golds   1996
  Extraordinary Measures   2010
  The Last Time   2006
> 5      
  Encino Man   1992
  Airheads   1994
  Younger and Younger   1993
  Son in Law   1993
  The Scout   1994
  The Passion of Darkly Noon   1995
  Mrs. Winterbourne   1996
  Glory Daze   1995
  George of the Jungle   1997
  Looney Tunes: Back in Action   2003
  Journey to the Center of the Earth   2008
  Bedazzled   2000
  Journey to the End of the Night   2006