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Jack Black


Джек Блэк (англ. Jack Black; имя при рождении Томас Дж. Блэк-младший, родился 28 августа 1969 года) — американский актёр, комик и музыкант. Участник рок-группы Tenacious D.

Thomas Jacob "Jack" Black (born August 28, 1969) is an American comedian, actor and musician. He makes up one half of the comedy and satirical rock duo Tenacious D. The group has two albums and full-length films. His acting career is extensive, starring primarily as bumbling, cocky, but internally self-conscious outsiders in comedy films. He was a member of the Frat Pack, a group of comedians who have appeared together in several Hollywood films, and has been nominated for a Golden Globe award. He has also won an MTV Movie Award, and a Nickelodeon Kids Choice Award

1969 -
  King Kong   2005
  Tropic Thunder   2008
  The School of Rock   2003
  Be Kind Rewind   2008
  Enemy of the State   1998
  The Jackal   1997
  Waterworld   1995
  Shallow Hal   2001
IMDB > 7      
  Melvin Goes to Dinner   2003
  High Fidelity   2000
  Dead Man Walking   1995
  Bob Roberts   1992
  Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy   2004
> 6      
  Orange County   2002
  Jesus' Son   1999
  Tenacious D in The Pick of Destiny   2006
  Run Ronnie Run   2002
  Cradle Will Rock   1999
  The Holiday   2006
  Margot at the Wedding   2007
  Mars Attacks!   1996
  Demolition Man   1993
  Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story   2007
> 5      
  Airborne   1993
  Blind Justice   1994
  Bye Bye Love   1995
  The Cable Guy   1996
  The Fan   1996
  The Love Letter   1999
  Crossworlds   1997
  Johnny Skidmarks   1998
  Saving Silverman   2001
  Nacho Libre   2006
  Year One   2009